What To Expect?

You can expect fun and fabulous night if you come to party with us. We are known for bringing note worthy DJs and artists around the globe. We have full of surprises. There are things in the program that we haven’t released yet, so brace yourself.

What To Wear?

You can wear almost anything. We don’t have a dress code but we don’t tolerate offensive clothing. Anything that will suite the weather is fine. Please stay updated with weather forecast  by going to www.bom.gov.au so you’ll have a good idea what to wear. May we suggest that you wear comfortable shoes? You don’t want your feet burning while you dance with electric gardens’ good music. Don’t let the shoes spoil the night.

What Are The Rules And Regulation?

You have to be 18+ years old to join the party. Please bring valid ID because it will be checked prior you entering the site. There would be bag search so make sure that you don’t have prohibited items such as food and drinks, alcohol and illegal drugs. You may visit electric gardens’ prohibited items. Please observe proper behavior during the event. Let’s chill and party with ease. We want to have everyone to have a good experience. You know the drill.