Reasons to go to Festivals rather than Playing PlayStation

If you are a PC gamer, then you are probably used to having unlimited raw power at your fingertips while gaming. You are likely spoiled and enjoy a gaming experience which seems nothing less than godlike. You probably set your graphics on the maximum settings and your game resembles what you would encounter at a high budget movie. I’m sure that the visuals in your game are simply breathtaking.  If you are accustomed to the privilege of being a PC gamer, then I am sure you are highly skeptical that you can achieve high level gaming on any other device than a PC. It may surprise you to discover that console gaming is quickly approaching gaming PC levels of quality.  PlayStation, in particular, has made many advances with their computing power in recent years. The gaming consoles that PlayStation makes now only remotely resemble the antiques that PlayStation manufactured in the past. Until now, their gaming consoles were weak powered machines that required a lot of imagination if you wanted an immersive experience. Luckily, you can save some money by obtaining PS4 codes at no cost. This money can then be used towards upgrading your PlayStation build.

The CPUs and graphic processors inside them barely had enough horsepower to play the game. Today, that just is not the case!  The new PlayStation models, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, are both powerhouses that can rival outrageously priced PCs without compromising the quality of the game. Some of the things that PlayStation has managed to achieve, at such a low price, is simply amazing.  Nowadays, gaming consoles can outperform all but the highest priced PCs. They are even capable of computing miracles compared to gaming PCs from only a couple years ago. Some computer wizardry, that was not even possible on gaming PCs, is commonplace and easily achievable with the PS4 and PS4 Pro.  For instance, 4K gaming used to be only a fantasy in the minds of both PC gamers and console gamers. Amazingly, today this is something all gamers can enjoy. The ability of a console, like PlayStation, to output games in real time at a 4K resolution is nothing short of a miracle. The graphic cards used in modern PlayStations is such a workhorse that it is truly remarkable that you can miniaturize electronic components enough to fit inside of the gaming console cases. This level of miniaturization is what science fiction of yesterday referred to. It would make the geeks, who devour science fiction books and movies, mouths water.  Another impressive technological leap is the ability that PlayStation consoles have to output high frame rate video. Reaching game play frame rates of 60 FPS is now commonplace in most modern video games. 30 FPS used to be the high bar that most games aspired to. These higher frame rates let players get video updates faster, so they can see the game action updating closer to real-time.      Needless to say, these updates are just a few advances that make gaming consoles a no-brainer in the current competitive video gaming arena. You no longer need a personal computer, packed with expensive components, to deliver a gaming experience that equalizes the playing field.  Gaming consoles are now a smart choice for gamers who are budget minded. You don’t have to be rich if you want to enjoy video games in all their splendor. Gaming consoles, like the PlayStation, have finally made top level gaming affordable for the masses!