Must-Know Tips on How to Play War Robots Like a Pro

war-robotsHaving an Online Game Party? Play the popular third-person shooter game like a professional with these seven tips!

Use the Countdown Timer to Your Advantage

In War Robots, your robot will first appear on a map, and you’ll see a countdown timer before the game starts. The timer waits for all players to spawn or appear. Although you can’t make a move until the countdown ends, you can use this time to scan your environment. Pan the camera and observe the robots and weapons your teammates have selected and try to find where the closest beacons are positioned. As you get used to the game, you’ll be able to observe more and more stuff before the match begins. Using the timer is an excellent way to help you identify which way to go and what to do first as soon as the battle starts.

Always begin with a long range weapon

You won’t have enough time to scan the environment thoroughly before a match begins, which is why it’s safe and best for you to begin with a long range weapon as you’re not sure whether an enemy is near or far when you all start spawning.

Prioritize Your Beacon

war-robots-beaconIn battle, always save your beacon first. Think about the enemy’s beacon later once you’ve collected yours.

Use Hacks

There are numerous scammers out there, which is why I recommend you trust only a legit Walking War Robots Hack to give you more silver and gold and help you level up your game.

Maximize Your Robot’s Ability

For an attack that significantly damages, use your robot’s special powers as much as you can. The earlier you use them; the sooner they’ll cool down to be used again.

Collab with Your Squadmates

If you’re playing with friends, remember that you should work with them to increase your chances of winning. Don’t be selfish. Instead, think of how you can team up with them to highlight your individual strengths and compensate for your individual weaknesses.

Use the Right Weapon


You probably already know that there are nine maps available in the game. Although players are placed randomly into one of the maps, it’s best that you know what to use when you land in a particular map because each map has its distinct playstyle, structure, and length. If you were placed in Canyon, Yamantau, and Springfield, I suggest you make use of sniping bots that come with weapons such as the Zeus, the Zenit, the Trebuchet, and the Kang Dae. On the other hand, use brawling weapons like the Orkan, the Thunder, and the Taran in Dead City, Moon, Valley, and Powerplant.