How Orbital Sanders Can Make Your DJ Booth Look Badass

Host parties with a badass wooden DJ booth today! All you need are the right materials, the right saws, and of course, the right orbital sander to smoothen it and get it ready for business! With a DJ booth, you can cater house parties without being ashamed of your equipment.


Orbital sanders are awesome because they can sand in an entirely random orbit at speeds up to 25,000 rpm. These sanders will leave the wood with a smooth finish, free of sanding marks. Because they don’t produce marks, orbital sanders are way better than palm sanders and belt sanders.

That means your DJ booth would look so smooth and even, you’ll be receiving tons of compliment after the party! It could also be the core of a conversation you’re having with someone you’re trying to impress.


A random orbital sander is easy to use because it’s equipped with a vacuum system which catches all the fine wood particles. Not only will sanding no longer be a problem, even cleaning up would be a breeze!

Sanding your DJ booth would be straightforward because the orbital sander works without requiring much effort from you. After all, you shouldn’t press it down because doing so will ruin the material.

Seriously, your DJ booth would be the talk of the town, and a lot of DJs will be impressed by your DIY booth. Who knows, you might even inspire other DJs to make their own booths for their homes too!

Don’t own an orbital sander yet? The Healthy Handyman can help you with this.

Here’s a YouTube video you can follow to build your own DJ booth: